Increasingly, schools need to focus on the education of the ‘whole child’ as the traditional roles of family, government and church in supporting Europe’s future citizens is changing. The role of the teaching profession is changing as a result.

We must ensure Europe’s teachers feel equipped to step into a bigger role than just sharing curriculum knowledge. Both our current teachers in schools and our future teachers training in Universities need to feel equipped to teach in a way that supports the development of our society and ensures our future citizens are happy and healthy. We need to also focus on the health and well-being of our future society.

Our project aims to strengthen the training path of future school educators by focusing on training outcomes to be used in teacher training organisations (as well as in schools).

The final objective is to enhance education for pupils by leading a change in emphasis for schools in respect of their provision and focus.

PROJECT START DATE:                         1st September, 2015
Duration:                                               2 YEARS
Coordinator:                                         JOHN DONNE ACADEMY, UK